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Why You Should Brush Your Tongue

Why You Should Brush Your Tongue

Think about the last time you brushed your teeth. Did you brush your tongue, as well? There are several reasons why cleaning your tongue should be involved in your regular oral hygiene routine, along with fluoride rinses and dental cleanings. Read about a few of them here.


The bacteria in your mouth works both on its own and with the sugars you consume to attack your teeth. They soften the protective layer of enamel, and can even spread decay to the pulp and nerves on the insides. We are getting rid of some of the bacteria living in our mouth when we brush and floss, but if we neglect to brush the tongue, we are leaving a lot of it behind. You can significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay by cleaning the tongue every day and eliminating a large amount of harmful microorganisms.


If you are suffering from chronic bad breath, or halitosis, the reason may lie on the tongue. If left uncleaned for a long period of time, bacteria can build up and give your breath a foul stench. Try brushing the tongue regularly and you may notice a difference very quickly.


Our tongue helps us do a lot of things, such as speak and eat food. It also helps us taste the foods and drinks we are consuming. A buildup of bacteria and bad microorganisms may affect the way our food tastes to us. If you are noticing that things taste sort of bland, you might want to try brushing the tongue, cleaning the area, and invigorating the taste buds.

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