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Root Canal

Root CanalAlthough root canals are often considered one of the most dreaded procedures in modern dentistry, they are also one of the best ways to preserve a natural tooth that is severely infected, damaged or decayed to the point that it would not be saved without it. Our Los Angeles root canal expert will explain your options if you are a candidate for root canal therapy.

A root canal is a specialized procedure that is used to clean the root canals of the tooth and remove the infected or damaged soft tissues. Each tooth consists of a hard layer of enamel under which is a softer layer of dentin. The dentin contains channels called root canals, and each canal contains blood vessels, nerves of the tooth and other soft tissues. These tissues may also be called the pulp of the tooth. The pulp can become diseased as a result of a direct impact to the tooth, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, severe decay or infection. Our expert in root canal in Los Angeles removes these tissues and seals the chambers in a procedure called a root canal or endodontic therapy.

Root Canal Los Angeles

Your safety and comfort is paramount throughout the entire procedure. Our Los Angeles root canal expert will first numb the tooth and nearby tissues, while also offering dental sedation to help you feel more relaxed. Once you are numb, we will create an access point that allows us to reach the root canals. We will use specialized tools to remove the diseased soft tissues and clean the canals. Once all of the tissues have been removed, the canals will be flushed and cleaned again before being sealed. The final restoration may be placed at a later appointment. To fully restore the tooth, you will need either a permanent filling or a porcelain crown.

Most patients recover quickly after a root canal. However, if the infection was particularly severe, you may have some lingering discomfort in the gums near the tooth as the inflammation subsides. This should be short-lived, though. Since the source of infection was removed, the tooth should be back to normal within a few days. Our expert in root canal in Los Angeles will explain any specific aftercare instructions at your next appointment. Nevertheless, most patients need to brush and floss as usual and treat the tooth gently for a few days or until the permanent filling has been placed.

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