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Painful Teeth

Painful Teeth Los AngelesPainful teeth are responsible for more than a few dental visits. Unfortunately, this common problem can signal anything from a bit of food caught between teeth to a serious infection. If your tooth hurts, a visit to our Los Angeles painful teeth treatment expert is in order. We can examine the tooth, identify the cause of the problem and restore your comfort.

Painful Teeth Los Angeles

Common causes of tooth pain include:

1. Something caught in the tooth
This can cause your tooth to become quite painful in a short period. You may be able to dislodge the food with careful flossing and brushing around the tooth. Rinse with warm salt water to flush the debris. If the tooth continues to be painful, our expert in treatment of painful teeth in Los Angeles may need to examine it to rule out more serious problems.

2. Exposed roots or worn enamel
These are common causes of painful teeth. You may get a zing of pain when eating or drinking something hot or cold. While this is likely to be a chronic problem, you can desensitize your teeth with a desensitizing toothpaste. Fluoride treatments can also be helpful, and we may recommend bonding to protect the roots.

3. A cavity
Cavities are decayed areas that can reach deep into the structure of the tooth. Without treatment, a cavity can damage the inner parts of the tooth and necessitate extraction. Our Los Angeles painful teeth treatment expert may recommend a filling, inlay or onlay to restore the tooth.

4. A fracture or crack in the tooth
A broken tooth can be quite painful. This problem can sometimes be managed with a filling, but severe fractures may require root canal treatment and restoration with a crown.

5. An abscess or infection
This type of tooth pain will usually need to be treated with a root canal to clean out the infected material. The abscess may need to be drained, and you may need a course of antibiotics. In most cases, the tooth will then be restored with a dental crown.

Identifying the problem is the first step towards resolving it. Our expert in treatment of painful teeth in Los Angeles offers treatments to manage tooth pain and restore your smile’s comfort. If needed, we will create a comprehensive treatment plan to restore the function and health of your teeth and get you back on the right dental track. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our Los Angeles dentist.


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